Moving For Joy is a 5-week course on how to build a better relationship with your body, movement and exercise.

You’re done with over exercising because you ate something “naughty”

You’re done with months of spring training for your “bikini body”

You hate the mean voice in your head that tells you that you’re “not good enough.”

You’re 100% done with diet culture and everything that comes with… but the problem is you just haven’t figured out how exactly to do it and how to put it into practice. 

Not knowing how is not your fault. Literally everyone is talking about WHY it’s so important but very few people are breaking down how you can embrace your body and move for joy. 

I was once there. I was alone in my struggles with diet culture for years. When I was at my worst there wasn’t the same type of conversation going on as there is now. I had to figure out how to embrace my body and move with joy basically on my own. 

Moving For Joy is a culmination of everything I’ve learnt over the years. It’s the missing “secret” you feel like you’re missing. It’s the piece of the puzzle that will teach you exactly how to move for joy and what it feels like in your body to really love your body as it is. 

Moving For Joy is unlike anything else, because you’ll be learning and experiencing and doing. Rather than thinking you know what it means to move for joy, you’ll actually learn to embody it and feel it in your body. 

What You’ll Learn Inside the Moving For Joy: 5-Week Course:

  • Learn how to find joy in your body in the present movement, without needing to change it 
  • Real practices and actions you can take to find joy in your body and movement - not just theoretical ideas 
  • To create a movement practice that you enjoy and that supports and grows with you over a lifetime 
  • Create a life full of movement and joy, not punishment and shame 
  • How to finally ditch diet culture for good - in your thoughts, actions and feelings 
  • Learn how to move consistently and use movement to support your health and wellbeing - and not for the purpose of changing your body 
  • Different ways of moving that are creative and functional. By incorporating variety into your movement practice you are preventing injury and ensuring that you can continue doing what you LOVE to do as you age. 
  • Learn how to compassionately and intuitively move your body, so that the movement is coming from and nurturing your body
  • How to move your body in a way that builds your confidence, acceptance and appreciation for your body as it is. This is the ultimate act of body-acceptance. 

What You’ll Get With Registration:

  • Weekly themes
  • Weekly video lecture, reading material and homework to put the lessons into practice (homework will be either a journal prompt, writing exercise or hands-on activity) 
  • Weekly movement practice
  • Access to a private Facebook community specific for this course 
  • All videos, lectures, & content is made downloadable to keep FOREVER so you can keep returning to the information when you need the most!
  • 5 weeks of support and guidance for how to embrace your body and move for joy
  • 6+ hours of video lectures designed to educate and inspire you on your journey
  • Access to online classes. Styles include: yoga-inspired movement, Yoga Strong, yoga-inspired HIIT, mobility flows, & Functional HIIT 
  • Journaling prompts and exercises 
  • Bonus videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I committing to join the course by joining the waitlist?​

  • Nope! By joining the waitlist you're just saying you're interested, and you'll be the first to know when it's open for purchase! 

How is the course delivered?

  • Through Teachable. 

Do I get a certificate after this course?

  • Nope, this course is designed for you to learn and enjoy for yourself. ​

I'm a beginner (to movement and/or body acceptance)... can I still join?

  • Yes! This course is appropriate for all people regardless of where you are in your journey. 

Do I need any special equipment to do the course?

  • All you'll need is a yoga mat and wifi. Occasionally there will be options for yoga blocks, blankets and light weights, but I'll always share ideas for what you can use around your house as alternatives. 

How long do I have access to the course?

  • As long as I have a Teachable account - so hopefully forever - but it's also downloadable.

Do you have a question I haven't answered? Email me!

Hi, my name is Kristy & I am a Joyful Movement Educator!

Exercise vigorously began for me when I was 17 years old. I had lost a bunch of weight & was convinced that had to maintain this “ideal” image to be accepted. I used exercise as way to constantly punish myself. For over a decade I obsessively exercised (always to the point of injury) & created unhealthy habits around exercise & movement which escalated into an on & off eating disorder & severe addiction to exercise. 

At a time of desperation, depression & severe anxiety, I began practicing Yoga. Yoga & I met at the perfect time. I started practicing Yoga in 2005 & have been teaching movement since 2009. In addition to Yoga, I discovered Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction & diverse science based movement. I have studied strength training, developmental movement, functional movement, resistance stretching, controlled articulation, accessible yoga/movement, mobility work, the principals of joyful & intuitive movement & much more that I continue incorporate into my teachings. 

​Currently I am an Ambassador for the Global Body Image Movement & sponsored by Superfithero, a body inclusive Fitness Company, & have been Advocating for healthy body image since 2010. 

They’re are so many incredible benefits to moving our body for joy! Here are some of my favourite reasons why I move & why I love teaching movement:

Increased strength, mobility & flexibility. Reduction of  stress, anxiety & nervous system regulation. Helping people feel capable & confident by improving the quality of their lives. Helping to improve proprioception (awareness in space) & interoception (going inward & feeling your body from the inside out). Help mitigate injury & decrease pain sensations.

As a Joyful Movement Educator my goal is to educate you on how to take a more enjoyable approach to movement & to help & support you in being able to continue doing the movement activities that make you happy pain-free & with as little injury and discomfort as possible. Here’s how I try to do this:

I help movement adapt to the individuals’ body & needs. 

I create ways that we can build on simple movements while adding variability & novel movements in an effort to mitigate injury and decrease pain (as best as we can).

I help my students explore ways to progressively build strength & mobility; working toward specific movement goals that promote confidence and celebration. 

I help my students by creating more of a interoceptive experience focusing on how movement makes one feel on the inside creating an embodied sense of self.

I educate on ways we can use movement to build bodily appreciation & acceptance for the bodies we are in NOW!

Students and Educators inspire me everyday and I cannot wait to move with you!

This course is closed for enrollment.