This course is designed to help you feel good; strong, mobile, capable & confident in the body you are in NOW using yoga & diverse movement! Enjoy over 5 hours of video movement content, my favorite tips on how to take a more enjoyable approach to movement, body image exercises & more!

My goal is to help you fall in love with moving your amazing body as it is & for the long term!

So what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

Hi my name is Kristy!

I have been teaching yoga & movement for a decade!

As a Yoga Teacher/Joyful Movement Educator my goal is to educate you on how to take a more enjoyable approach to movement & to help & support you in being able to continue doing the movement activities that make you happy pain-free & with as little injury and discomfort as possible. Here’s how I try to do this:

I help yoga & movement adapt to the individuals’ body & needs. 

I create ways that we can add variability & novel movements in an effort to mitigate injury and decrease pain (as best as we can).

I help my students explore ways to progressively build strength & mobility; working toward specific movement goals that promote confidence and celebration. I help my students by creating more of a interoceptive experience focusing on how Movement makes one feel on the inside creating an embodied sense of self.

I educate on ways we can use movement to build bodily appreciation & acceptance for the bodies we are in NOW!

Students and Educators inspire me everyday and I cannot wait to move with you!

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This Course is for you if

  • You want to take a more enjoyable approach to movement/exercise.
  • You are feeling bored & want to add more variety.
  • You want to build strength & mobility.
  • You want to build body confidence & appreciation.
  • You want to decrease pain sensations & mitigate injury.
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  • 5 days of diverse movement videos; yoga, yoga w/h weights, yoga w/h bands, HIIT Workouts & a bonus class!
  • Tips on how to move for joy!
  • Body Image reflective exercises.
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